The Jacobstow Parish Council meets at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month in the Parish Hall, except for August. Items for the agenda must be submitted to the Parish Clerk ten days before the meeting. A brief summary of the minutes of the meetings is printed in the Journal with full minutes posted on the notice board outside the Parish Hall. You can now also view full minutes and agendas online by clicking here.


Chairman:Mr Norman OsborneTel: 01840 230592
Clerk:Mrs Doreen TurnerTel: 01566 781269
Councillors:Mrs Charmaine Smith, Mr Dennis Adey,
 Mrs Ilona Franklin, Mr Peter Chapman,
 Mrs Caroline Pallett and Mr Andrew Vogel
Please click here to view the Register of Interests for Jacobstow Parish Councillors
County Councillor:Mrs Nicky ChopakThe Post House
 Launceston PL15 8QU
 Mobile: 07810 302061
MP for North Cornwall:Scott
Norman Osborne Jacobstow Parish Council
Norman Osborne
Doreen Turner Jacobstow Parish Council
Doreen Turner
Dennis Adey Jacobstow Parish Council
Dennis Adey
Peter Chapman Jacobstow Parish Council
Peter Chapman
Ilona Franklin Jacobstow Parish Council
Ilona Franklin
Charmaine Smith Jacobstow Parish Council
Charmaine Smith
Caroline Pallet Jacobstow Parish Council
Caroline Pallet
Andrew Vogel Jacobstow Parish Council
Andrew Vogel